Krisor & Associates

Family Law

The Law Firm of Krisor & Associates is a full service family law firm offering our clients a thoughtful, unique and understanding approach to divorce, child custody and all aspects of family law.

We know that individuals often face confusing choices and unfamiliar legal procedures when they are involved in family law cases, and many times feel they have to fight an uphill battle when nobody will listen. These frustrations are made even worse when people are going through already difficult times. Our approach is to get to know our clients in depth and better understand their unique needs while we help them adapt to their changing circumstances. Because of this approach we are able to provide our clients more individualized service.

Whether our clients are in need of representation for a divorce, adoption or paternity proceeding, or to modify a custody or child support order, we pride ourselves on our experience and ability to counsel our clients through difficult times while we vigorously pursue their legal rights.

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